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Another way of looking at options for women looking for window men might be to view all of the men swirling around those windows at night (thousands of them) as ‘window men’. My guess is that a lot of them would be up for a ‘free encounter’. Unfortunately, most men are limited when it comes to pleasing women.
Or so the girls tell me.
Question: best place to get a handjob in amsterdam (complete Google search term which found the blog).
Answer: Look, this can lead to the most intense experience. The problem, for me, is that it isn’t as erotic as ejaculating betweens the legs of a seriously pretty girl. So that’s why I take it on only from time to time. My best experience? In a Thai massage parlour. It was dependent on the fact that the girl was OMG. And the orgasm. Oh, fuck. OMG.
After the massage, which was very nice, she/they asked me if I wanted a happy ending. It cost me €20. The place I visited has been closed for a while. However, I’m pretty certain that most window girls would oblige, especially if it’s an alternative to penetrative sex. And often it’s offered if the guy is finding it difficult to come.
Question: How much is a handjob?
Answer: Well, less than €50 I would think. Girls will split the usual €50 suck and fuck – making a suck or fuck only, say, €30 (at the door), so I guess that a handjob might be similar.
Question: quick question… are there cameras in the actual rooms that record everything you do with the girl? and if so, do they keep the recordings?? James – UK, February 2017.
Answer: What an interesting idea. I do know that some guys try it!! I can’t give you the absolute, definitive answer because I’m not embedded in the system but I can say that there is no obvious evidence of cameras. It’s never been a personal concern. And I’ve never read about it or heard about it. And I think that’s it’s very, very unlikely because of the negative consequences if it happened. In addition, I suspect that filming someone having sex without their permission is illegal. The system is predicated on getting people to visit and come back, not in scaring them off. There are, however, panic buttons (or equivalent) hooked up to the cop shop.
Question: Red light district for a virgin 20 y/o guy? John – UK, March 2017.
Answer: What an opportunity. Everyone starts somewhere but exactly where is important to some people. There are many who want that first experience to be with someone they are emotionally attached to or they want to save it for ‘the one’. I certainly wouldn’t recommend one way over another but unless you are 20 but look younger than 18 I can’t see there being a problem. I would be inclined to tell the girl; I’ve definitely talked to some who like the idea of ‘helping a young man through a transition’. The girls are very particular about hygiene and their own sexual health and well being so I wouldn’t be concerned on that score. Meanwhile, the district is very open, which appeals to many people, and at night it is wall to wall tourists, thousands and thousands of them. And they couldn’t care less who they see going in and out of windows.
Question: Im looking to book up a Nuru massage ideally when i go to amsterdam for the day. I havnt a hotel room so i was hoping i could get a list of places where i can see the girls before and book an appointment at their (hopefully amsterdam based) house. Any suggestions? Paul – UK, March 2017.
Answer: Sorry, can’t really help with this one, not in that detail anyway. For readers, the Nuru is a slippery body-on-body massage. I Googled Nuru + Amsterdam and got a lot of hits. I’d take that route. It’s not something that I’ve looked for (but I might next time I’m in Dam now that I’ve looked into it). I’ve had some very nice sensual massage in a Thai parlour in Dam (nice change of pace) but not Nuru. I have, however, experienced it on a window visit. It was quite unexpected. The girl insisted on the body massage as part of the hour. Sadly (and I do mean sadly) she no longer works in the red light district.
Question: Do most men who visit Amsterdam sleep with prostitutes? Anonymous, March 2017.
Answer: Who can truly know? However, it’s clear that partners left behind can’t help worrying about this, and maybe I have a reassuring take on it. First, there is no sleeping. That’s a myth. Secondly, given the number of men circulating (say) the De Wallen windows (the main red light district) and the number seen actually entering windows, it’s extremely unlikely that most visit the girls. Indeed, it seems unlikely that even many visit. Thirdly, not all men find visiting prostitutes an attractive proposition. They have many concerns, including: health concerns, concerns about the principle of cheating, and the morality of paying for sex. Many men will exclude themselves easily and readily from any interaction with the window girls. Fourthly, many men are too shy to attempt it, not least because they don’t know how it works. And fifthly, I suspect, and most importantly, it will depend upon the group size. A guy on his own might be tempted but a guy in a large group has a problem. He simply can’t rely on one of his mates not to rat him out now or in the future. My guess is that a group of three is the most likely to lead to window visits because it’s easier to control the situation: “We’re all in this together and what happens in Dam stays in Dam.” That doesn’t mean that small groups always will or that big groups always won’t but I’d be inclined to play the percentages along those lines, and still conclude that most men don’t visit prostitutes when they’re in Amsterdam.

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