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This, I told Kathy, sounded exactly like the alternate personality I knew from my childhood. Her spaciness. Her yelling nonsensical, dangerous things and then forgetting that she had screamed at all. My mom could snap into another self, and she did. And whether the tumor caused it or was merely a parallel discovery, nobody will ever know.
If I wasn’t going to get confirmation of my mom’s mental illness, from Clem or Phyl or anyone else, I wanted proof of how it might have begun . I wanted the truth about the grandfather. And I got that truth when I spoke with one woman who knew my mom when she was young. This person unfurled her story like a balled-up blanket, and suddenly it was all before me.
My mother had been severely abused.
In 1953, she said, my maternal great-grandfather began molesting my then 5-year-old mother. The assaults went on for years. This person knew because she had grown up around the grandfather and he had raped her, too.
She had never told another soul about her own abuse, this person on the phone, and she sounded relieved to have it out. She made some excuses for James Falkner, said he had once owned a granary in the small town of ” data-disable-toolbar=”true” data-disable-return=”true”>Belvue, Kansas, and had been one of the richest men in town. But then the Depression hit and he lost it all. Maybe this is why he abused young girls, she reasoned; maybe it was repression, frustration, or rage. And then she asked me not to reveal her identity. James Falkner had long been dead, but she had her own family to protect.
This person was in touch with my mom in the last years of her life, when, she said, my mom finally started to remember.
“Your mother, she carried a lot of pain,” the woman said. “She didn’t remember the abuse until a few years ago, just before she got the brain tumor. But then she started having nightmares.”
She said my mother called her when the nightmares began; she was having night flashes of someone, a man, coming to her at night and assaulting her, but at first she didn’t know who it was.
“I didn’t want her to think it was her father, because it wasn’t,” she said. “The grandfather moved in with the family when your mother was about 5. Your mom thought her mother knew it was happening, and it happened all the time. For years.”
I cried when I got off the phone, with sadness for my mom but mostly with relief. The singular darkness lifted from her and landed on a person I had never known but had heard about in snatches of her madness. My mother’s grandfather stories were sequestered away in the part of her brain that lashed and screamed and called me a whore, the same part of her brain that marched her up the stairs and into my bed on a night I wish I could forget. Language fails to reach the experience, the twinned despondence and terror of molest, but I remember it like I remember her words he raped me every night . And when I learned it was true—that my memory of her blocked memory was solid and valid and real—I felt a thin kind of hope. At the end of her life, it seemed, a light had cracked through the blockage; there was a bridge. The mom everyone said was so nice, the mom who “loved everybody, forgave everybody,” was beginning to remember the unforgivable grandfather. And maybe, at the end of her life, there could have been a bridge to me.
I remembered the story of the grandfather that my mother told me. Even when I was a kid, I felt he was part of the mystery, and sometimes when I was brave I would tiptoe into asking her about him.
“I don’t remember anything about my childhood,” she would say. “From about six through sixth grade, it’s all black. I remember dressing up as someone called Mrs. Jones when I was really little, but maybe that’s because there was a picture.”
“And your grandfather?” I asked her.
“I don’t remember him, either,” she said. “There are the stories about him burying his eyeglasses in the garden, but you already know those.”
I’d been afraid, all these years, to diagnose my mother with a mental illness, especially because the disease I thought she had had been so stigmatized. In the nineties, a scandal erupted around recovered memories; experts and laypeople were suddenly claiming that experiences like hers were impossible. The fashion turned, and people suddenly were supposed to never be able to forget serious abuse: The therapists suggested stories and foisted memories on their impressionable patients.
My mother, of course, never went to therapy. In fact, she hated the very idea of psychiatry; I remember her telling me once that there was likely a reason she didn’t remember her childhood, and she didn’t want anybody digging into what she had effectively suppressed.
But if people didn’t believe in the memory blocking, then you can’t have dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personalities, because it is the repression of memories that causes the self to split. And some people don’t believe DID even exists. This is why, despite my mother hitting all of its hallmark signs, I’d been scared to label her that way.

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The special agent named in the story, A.T. Smith, reportedly went with his mistress “to numerous White House social events” and later married her after divorcing his wife. Smith is now deputy director of the Secret Service, the second-highest-ranking official.
After the Cartagena affair, nine agents were pushed out of the Secret Service. Six were dismissed. One supervisor was allowed to take early retirement, and Huntington was pushed to resign. (The fate of the supervisor who hired a prostitute arranged by the DEA agents remains unknown.) Anyone who hadn’t paid for sex was allowed to keep his job. One agent, who spoke Spanish, asked the woman with whom he had spent the night to write a note swearing that their tryst wasn’t a business transaction.
By drawing a line between those who’d paid for sex and those who hadn’t, the Secret Service seemed to imply it was the act of solicitation that was grounds for dismissal. But why, then, was a supervisor allowed to retire while others were fired or forced to resign?
According to knowledgeable sources as well as information obtained by the Homeland Security inspector general that hasn’t been made public, men with high-level connections or longer careers were treated more favorably. (At least one Secret Service agent is fighting through a governmental process to keep his job.)
More than a decade earlier, another IG investigation, as well as the U.S. News report, had found a similar situation with respect to internal discipline: Secret Service employees who had friends in high places received less severe punishments than those who didn’t.
The Secret Service’s attempts at damage control have only raised more questions. In the weeks after the scandal erupted, officials announced that all of the agency’s 3,500 agents and 1,400 uniformed officers—who provide security on the White House grounds and at other prominent sites in Washington and who support agents in their protective duties—would have to go through new ethics training. According to sources who were there, Smith, the deputy director, has been brought in to lecture Secret Service personnel, which some agents thought exemplified their boss’s hypocrisy and underscored how people are treated differently depending on their rank. The agency also issued ten new rules governing conduct on trips, including not drinking alcohol within ten hours of duty and not visiting “non-reputable establishments.”
If the Cartagena affair was a one-off, as Sullivan insisted, why did the agency need to issue new rules and retrain almost 5,000 employees? If the agency’s leaders didn’t think employees had a pattern of hiring prostitutes or engaging in sexual indiscretions, why did they have to warn them not to do so in the future?
In testimony before Congress, Mark Sullivan said, “I never one time had any supervisor or any other agent tell me that this type of behavior is condoned.” Such statements strain credulity. To believe that the Cartagena affair was unique, you’d also have to believe that this group of 13 men—not all of whom knew one another—broke into separate groups and independently got the idea, for the first time ever, to go out looking for prostitutes.
(Sullivan declined to comment, but a Secret Service spokesperson issued a statement noting that “the Secret Service has been transparent and cooperative to all entities with oversight of the agency, including Congress, to the degree permitted by legal, privacy and personnel department guidelines.”)
As the investigation progressed, more allegations surfaced, but they weren’t immediately made public. One agent who had slept with a prostitute in Cartagena admitted to having hired women in El Salvador and Panama a few years earlier. Investigators found allegations of similar conduct in China and Romania. At least 11 Secret Service agents admitted to investigators that they knew of employees having hired prostitutes on other occasions, and a review of complaints against individual agents made to the Homeland Security IG over the past ten years shows three allegations that Secret Service employees had hired prostitutes.
These cases represent a tiny percentage of the agency’s workforce—less than 1 percent, as Sullivan has noted. But they also reflect only those personnel who were caught or implicated by colleagues. Recently, a government-wide ethics survey asked federal employees whether they would report ethical misconduct by their coworkers. Forty percent of Secret Service employees either said they wouldn’t or were indifferent to the question.
The culture of permissiveness in the Secret Service may not be one every employee ascribes to, but it nevertheless explains the behavior of men who would hire prostitutes without fear of serious punishment or who would openly conduct extramarital affairs, in defiance of the agency’s rules. The Cartagena incident may mark the end of this tolerance. But it’s not the only example of Secret Service agents misbehaving with women—just the most public.

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